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Precision Metal Components Since 1946

Precision Metal Stamping

Valentine Tool & Stamping, an ISO9001:2000 compliant company, has demonstrated Excellence and Innovation in the manufacture of Precision Metal Components for over 60 years. Valentine has earned the reputation as one of New England’s premier contract manufacturers of High Precision Metal Stampings.

Valentine's strength as a contract manufacturer lies in our ability to produce high precision, tightly toleranced, quality metal components through progressive tool metal stamping. Valentine augments metal stamping expertise with additional manufacturing operations including secondary press and machining operations and contracted value added services.   arrowMore...


Precision Component News

May 2009
Valentine is proud to announce the launch of our new company web site. We hope that you will find the information provided informative and hope that you will return often to keep updated on additional site content demonstrating Valentine’s growing precision component capabilities.

January 20th 2009
Valentine Metal Stamping on Flight 1549

U.S. Airways Flight 1549 deploys Ram Air Turbine safety device incorporating two precision components that were manufactured by Valentine Tool & Stamping, Inc.   [Read More]


September 2008
Valentine Metal Stamping going to the Hubble Telescope

NASA space shuttle Atlantis scheduled to deliver a thermostatic device, using a Valentine component, to the Hubble telescope.   [Read More]


Engineered Materials ?
Will  your  custom precision metal component require an engineered material solution?  Valentine has experience with Clad Metals, Inlays, Electron Beam Welded and Pre-Plated materials. If you are looking for a custom engineered material solution please visit our friends at Materion al Materials, Inc.





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